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I’m Shannon Jay Dougherty, mother of two, and the founder of Fit Mom Living. From a young age, I’ve struggled with my weight, relationship with food, and body image. Additionally, I struggled to juggle work, family, life, and household duties. Like many other moms, I prioritized myself last —until I found a way to take care of myself.

Eventually, I found a sustainable way of fueling my body and living life without fearing food. I simplified my strategies and found tools to establish balance and lasting results among the chaos. From there, my scars, struggles, and personal macro tracking weight loss journey were my inspiration to help coach, educate, support, and inspire others.

I became a Certified Macro Coach and began Macro Coaching to guide others to become the best possible version of themselves. My goal is to empower women, promote a positive body image, and teach others how to live a sustainable lifestyle through tracking macros. Fit Mom Living provides resources and coaching services to help women gain this knowledge. Clients are guided on shifting eating and lifestyle habits all while building confidence and making themselves a priority.

Join the journey today. You deserve to feel confident in your own skin.


I’ve known Shannon for many years and I have had great success with all her programs. Shannon is extremely encouraging and helps me achieve the goals we have set. I love how honest, personable and funny she is. I definitely recommend Shannon, she truly is the best! Flexible dieting has finally allowed me to eat everything I want and continue to have great weight loss success!

- Debbie C.

Shannon is amazing. Since working with her I sleep better, eat more and I feel FANTASTIC!! I’m pretty sure my body looked like this in my 20’s before kids. But I never felt and looked so good at the same time.

- Jennifer S.

Shannon and FML has changed my life. I started with her 4 WK Macro Minded Group Coaching as I was brand new to tracking macros. The material, knowledge and support she provides is incredible. Shannon goes above and beyond to make everyone is on track and prepared for success. I eat more food now than ever before, plus I don't feel deprived. My goal was to lose 5 pounds in the 4 weeks, but I lost 6 and have continued to 1:1 coaching.

- Stephanie W.

FML ROCKS! I can't believe how much food I'm eating and the scale keeps lowering. I want to scream from the roof top that everyone needs to work with Shannon and experience food freedoms forever. I had been eating too low of calories for too long and the macros/calories I was given to eat is just what my body needed. FML macro coaching has been life changing, THANK YOU, Shannon. I love my new body.

- Sarah E.

I've dieted on and off my whole life. I'm so thankful a friend referred me to Shannon & FML. In less than 3 months I lost 10 pounds and I'm eating more than ever and don't feel deprived. I absolutely love working with Shannon! She gives so much time to her 1:1 clients answering questions, providing encouragement and a little tough love when needed. Her favorite phrase is, “trust the process” and I am glad I did. I'm excited to continue working with Shannon as this experience has been life changing. I'm so grateful to have Shannon by my side.

-Tina I.

I was drawn to Shannon and FML at first by her realness on social media. The more I watched her stories and saw her share everyones amazing results, eating tons of yummy food, I wanted to be that person. I jumped on board and signed up for the 4 week group coaching, it was the best investment I've made in a long tie. Shannon's so positive, full of energy, is very professional with her programs and incredibly knowledgeable with macros. WOW, I have had great results, thanks to Shannon.

- Bobbi G.

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