Flexible dieting - it's easier than you think!

Perfect for those to start learning about tracking macros but not quite ready to invest in 4 week group coaching or 1:1 coaching.

Are you ready to put your macros into action, with a step by step formula and workbook?

Reach your Health Goals

The FML Macro Manual + Workbook will teach you macro basics and more. Macro tracking is a game changer for many people because of flexible approach to eating. Tracking Macros can help you escape from the mundane "clean eating" and put an end to the vicious yo-yo dieting cycle.

FML Macro Manual + Workbook provides a simple step by step process to calculate your own macros. Learn how to adjust macros based on your goal and make lasting body composition changes. If you're ready to implement a sustainable nutrition plan and establish lifelong healthy habits, tracking macros is for you!


Not all calories are created equal. Tracking Macros is a detailed approach of counting calories in order to make body composition changes. The Macro Tracking lifestyle is not only sustainable, it gives you the flexibility to maintain your new and healthy eating habits.


The best way to create a new habit is to tie it into an existing one. With the worksheets and tips provided for you in the FML Macro Manual + Workbook, you will be shown how easy it is to begin tracking macros and practicing healthier habits today.


With the FML Macro Manual + Workbook you will gain inside knowledge about how the foods we eat, effect our bodies. Once you have an understanding of how to make healthier choices, you can apply them to your daily routine.


FML Macro Manual + Workbook provides a simple step by step process to calculate and adjust macros based on your goals. Achieve lasting body composition changes you have always wanted while being in control of your journey.


Don’t let life events such as travel, holidays, or celebrations derail your progress. The FML Macro Manual + Workbook provides tips to implement for success, leaving you guilt free when dining out or on vacation.


Have your cake and it too! Time to incorporate more balance into your life and learn how to enjoy the foods you love in moderation. Work, Life, and Social balance are key for healthy living and a perk of tracking macros.

Break Free From Yo-Yo Dieting + Start Fueling Your Body

What you can expect to get

from your workbook

  • Macro Budgeting & Tracking

  • Step by Step Macro Calculations

  • Adjust Macros For Goals

  • Assessments & Daily Food Journal

  • Accurately Track Alcohol

  • Cooking & Dining Out Tips

  • Sample Meal Plan

  • When to Reverse Diet

  • Macro Tracking Tips

  • And more...

Hi, I'm Shannon!

I’m Shannon Jay Dougherty, mother of two, and the founder of Fit Mom Living. From a young age, I’ve struggled with my weight, relationship with food, and body image. Additionally, I struggled to juggle work, family, life, and household duties. Like many other moms, I prioritized myself last —until I found a way to take care of myself.

Eventually, I found a sustainable way of fueling my body and living life without fearing food. I simplified my strategies and found tools to establish balance and lasting results among the chaos. From there, my scars, struggles, and personal macro tracking weight loss journey were my inspiration to help coach, educate, support, and inspire others.

I became a Certified Macro Coach and began Macro Coaching to guide others to become the best possible version of themselves. My goal is to empower women, promote a positive body image, and teach others how to live a sustainable lifestyle through tracking macros. Fit Mom Living provides resources and coaching services to help women gain this knowledge. Clients are guided on shifting eating and lifestyle habits all while building confidence and making themselves a priority.

Join the journey today. You deserve to feel confident in your own skin.

- Shannon

★ Take simple step by step process to calculate your macros

★ Learn how to enjoy all foods you love without guilt

★ Learn how to implement a “diet break”

★ Learn how to lose fat for food

★ Break free from the endless dieting cycle

★ Walk away from restrictive dieting or labels foods “good” vs “Bad”

★ Stop yo-yo dieting and change your relationship with food

★ Stop obsessing over the scale

★ Eat more carbs and enjoy all foods in moderation

★ Eat the foods you love while achieving results

★ Start building a healthy metabolism and living life in moderation

★ Have food freedoms you never imaged

"If there is one thing more fulfilling than accomplishing a goal, it’s helping someone else reach one of their own."