What if you could finally drop fat, fit into your clothes and improve your health?

  • without depriving yourself of food

  • without panicking during vacations

  • without skipping life events

  • without taking extreme measures

  • without fearing delicious carbs

  • without feeling overwhelmed

  • without crazy restrictions + rules

  • without spending hours in the gym

You CAN Achieve Lasting Fat Loss with EASE

  • Learn to fuel body for fat loss

  • Break away from yo-yo dieting

  • Ditch doubt holding you back

  • Gain control of new habits

  • Prioritize your happiness

  • Kiss food fears goodbye

  • Finally fit into your jeans

  • Watch your confidence skyrocket

The Fat Loss Blueprint is the ultimate program to make you feel confident about food choices and see actual results

Welcome to the Fat Loss Blueprint

Ready to Improve?

Dive into the exact method that I cover in one-on-one coaching. Loaded with resources, guides, tip sheets, trackers, self-assessments, monthly Q + A session and access to special discounts.

  • 8 Detailed Modules

  • Simple DIY Action steps

  • Calculate your Macros

  • Reach Sustainable Goals

Your Path to Fat Loss STARTS HERE



  • Welcome

  • Body Assessment

  • Food Assessment

  • Tool Kit



  • Nutrition Knowledge

  • Magic of Protein

  • Macro Tracking + Flexible Nutrition

  • Choose Your Journey



  • Meal Building Basics

  • Meal Prep Your Way

  • Measuring + Portions

  • Menus + Meal Plans



  • Calculate Calories + Protein

  • Calculate Fat + Carbs



  • Setup Macros

  • Macro Tracking Tips

  • Macro Terms

  • Track Your Success



  • Sleep

  • Water

  • N.E.A.T Activity



  • Alcohol

  • Dining Out + Events

  • Travel, Holidays, Life

  • Jump Back on Track



  • Progress Pep Talk

  • Lasting Fat Loss Tips

  • Additional Support


  • Macro Manual + Workbook

  • My Macros Worksheets

  • FML Grocery Guide

  • Protein Packed Recipes

  • Success Tracker

  • Fit on-the-go Guide

  • FLBP Checklist

This program is for you if...

  • You're frustrated + confused how to drop fat and keep it off

  • You're stuck + need easy steps to lasting results

  • You're eager to dive into a self-paced program with a step by step roadmap

  • You're done with deprivation diets

  • You're not able to commit at this time to a little coaching

NOT for you if...

  • You need 1:1 support, guidance + accountability

  • You're not ready to improve your health

  • You're not a fan of sustainable fat loss

Meet Shannon!

Hi! I'm Shannon Jay Dougherty, mom of two amazing kids and founder of Fit Mom Living. Since a young age, I've struggled with my weight, relationship with food and body image. After many ups and downs - including overcoming an eating disorder. I found a sustainable way of fueling my body and living life without fearing foods.

I became a Certified Macro Coach and began Macro Coaching to guide others to achieving their dream body and most importantly, to become the best possible version of themselves.

My true passion is helping other women improve their self-worth and gain confidence, while teaching them how to live a sustainable lifestyle through tracking macros. I can relate to those frustrated moms, juggling work, family, kids, life, and household duties and putting themselves last. I was there too, until I simplified my strategies and found tools to establish balance and lasting results among the chaos.

I believe the key to happiness is rooted in living a balanced, active, healthy lifestyle. You deserve to feel confident in your own skin. Thanks for stopping by!

- Shannon


Fat Loss Blueprint


One-time Payment

Join the Self-Paced Macro Program, everyone is talking about!

How long does the program take?

This is a 100% online, self-paced program. It's your journey to go as fast or as slow as you want. I recommend taking the video lessons one day at a time and going through it slowly because there is so much important information. Slow + sustainable steps.

Fat Loss Blueprint vs 1:1 coaching?

The Fat Loss Blueprint is a Self-Paced [Do It Yourself] Program. Perfect for newbies, provides a foundation from which you can continue to build solid nutrition habits. A great starting point for those who are not ready to commit to the time or cost of 1:1 coaching.

FML 1:1 Macro Coaching is hands ons, with a high level of communication, accountability and support. Weekly check ins, macro calculations and adjustments are done for you.

Click HERE to learn more info about 1:1 coaching!

What is your refund policy?

Since you will have immediate access to the Fat Loss Blueprint course videos and downloadable materials, we cannot issue refunds. If you have any questions not answered here before you purchase, please email sjd@fitmomliving.com to inquire.

What is I'm Vegan or Gluten Free?

Of course, The beauty of tracking macros can be applied to all eating styles and food intolerances. Macros are calculated differently for someone who is plant based. If you have food intolerances, it’s no problem you still eat the foods that make you feel good, just fit them into your custom macros.

How soon will I see results?

You will start feeling better in your body and mindset almost immediately, sometimes it can take a little longer for the outside to catch up. We need to shift away from the “quick fix” mindset, macro tracking is a sustainable lifestyle and transformation and that can take time. The average weight loss for women is ½ pound a week. Your consistency, effort, adherence and attitude are important for mind and body changes. Stay consistent and we will focus on your wins and progress all along the way!

Do I have to track macros?

This is your journey. I explain and suggest 3 paths for this Fat Loss Blueprint program in Module 2. Tracking your macros will help you understand the appropriate amount to eat for your specific goals, challenges, and lifestyle.

Calculating and tacking your macros is eye opening, I highly suggest trying for a small time frame to become aware of choices, portions and intake. At the end of the day, I want this to work fo you, your lifestyle and results.

Of course, The beauty of tracking macs can be applied to all eating styles and food intolerances. Macros are calculated differently for someone who is plant based. If you have food intolerances, it’s no problem you still eat the foods that make you feel good, just fit them into your custom macros.

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