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A Healthy Lifestyle Not Only Changes Your Body, It Changes Your Mind, Your Attitude and Your Mood.

My true passion is helping other women improve their self-worth, gain confidence while teaching them how to live a sustainable lifestyle through tracking macros. I’ve been there, with zero confidence or self-worth, hopping from one trendy diet to the next and avoiding the foods I loved, restricting my calories, over exercising and dreaming of finding a sustainable lifestyle.

I can relate to those frustrated moms, juggling work, family, kids, life, and household duties and putting themselves last. I was there too, until I simplified my strategies and found tools to establish balance and lasting results among the chaos. Once I stopped dieting, started properly fueling my body and macro tracking, I began to see results mentally and physically. Macro tracking has taken my confidence and self- worth to a whole new level.


FML 2.0 will give you the confidence + flexible nutrition tools needed to establish sustainable fat loss.

Learn why your current fat loss strategy is no longer working. With small, realistic habit adjustments you'll begin to feel and see shifts in your mind and body. FML 2.0 is a game changer, the best flexible nutrition program around.

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So Let Me Show You How To Achieve Flexible Dieting to Reach Your Goals

And how what you have been doing in the past hasn't been working for you - It's so much easier than you might be thinking. This program is not like any other Macro Tracking course.

Curious why the diets you have already tried just aren't working?

Regular diets don't work because...

→ Restricting Food Results in Binging 

→ Cookie Cutter Meal Plans are NOT Realistic

→ Impractical Guidelines + Results Are Not Sustainable

→ Weight Gain Occurs From Unsustainable Measures

→ Dysfunctional Eating Habits Form From Diet Desperation

→ Following an Unrealistic Fad Diet without Knowledge, Support + Guidance is FRUSTRATING

FML 2.0 delivers lasting results because you...

→ Eat Foods you Enjoy without Guilt or Restrictions

→ Create a Plan Customized to YOUR Goals + Needs

→ Learn to Calculate, Adjust + Control Your Own Macros

→ Enjoy Life with a Results Driven Balanced Approach

→ Kiss the Extreme Dieting Mindset Goodbye

→ Join a Supportive Community of Determined women guided by Certified Macro Coach, Shannon Dougherty

Program Options


  • Learn How to Calculate + Adjust Your Macros
  • Establish Healthier Habits + Gain Confidence in Your Routine
  • Receive Lifetime Access to 8 Training Modules
  • Group Coaching in Private FML 2.0 Community
  • 16 Weekly Interactive Coaching Calls
  • Master Mindset Shifts + Aware Eating
  • Valuable Tools + Templates + Resources
  • FML Macro Manual + Workbook
  • FML Grocery Guide
  • FML Fit Kit – Charts + Trackers to Visualize success
  • Sample Meal Plans + Food Prep Ideas
  • 16 Week Recommended Program Roadmap 
  • Onboarding + Welcome Call
  • 3 Macro Review + Audit Calls
  • Group Accountability + Pep Talks
  • Engage + Interact with Fellow Macro Minded Members
  • Support + Encouragement from Determined Women 
  • Gain Control of Your Flexible Nutrition Lifestyle 
  • Custom Macros calculated by FML
  • 16 Weekly private 1:1 Check-In’s
  • Macro Adjustments by FML
  • 16 Weekly Private Coaching Calls with Shannon
  • Voxer Access to Shannon for Questions During Business Hours
  • 1:1 Support to Skyrocket Your Success in 16 weeks
  • Personal Accountably Tailored to Your Needs 
  • 16 Week Mind + Body + Lifestyle Transformation












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