6 Tips to Help You Stay on Track at Social Gatherings!

social gatherings tips track Feb 26, 2023

You get a text from your friend “Hey, we’re having a dinner party this Saturday. Hope you can make it!

Immediately the stress and fear kicks in because you…

  1. Just started a new eating plan and you feel you can’t stick to it outside your home. Batten down the hatches fam we’re bunkering down!
  2. You don’t know what’s being served at said party and feel you’ll derail your goals.
  3. Not sure you’ll like what’s being served and have to make that awkward “I just ate” excuse.

I get it! I know what the fear of saying “YES” feels like. I know the stress that comes with wanting to stay on track but feel like you have to be strict to reach your goals. And to that, I say: Don’t panic! Life’s too short to turn down social gatherings out of fear. So don’t let it stop you. 

It’s time to take the reins and gain control. You control the situation. Don’t let the situation control you.

To make sure you can handle sticking to your goals while having a great time with your friends or just happily enjoying other's culinary creations, I put together the go-to tips that I use to help me stay in control no matter what comes up!

Apply my go-to tips after you hit that send button with a full-blown “YES, I’m in,” and you’ll have the upper hand on your experience.

Always OFFER to lend a hand, offer, yes, OFFER to bring something.

Here’s what you can say: “I would love to bring a (________Insert one of my tips) to go with your menu. Can you share what you’re serving so I can stick with the theme?”


  • Bring an appetizer- I recommend bringing something that you will enjoy and also fits your plan. Plus, you never know who else is trying to be mindful of their health, and could be a great conversation starter!


Examples: Veggie platter, Protein board, Shrimp cocktail, Fruit platter. 


  • Bring a side dish!


Make or buy something that you will enjoy and is also on your plan. 

Examples: Bring a salad with dressing, cheese, and nuts on the side. Grilled veggies, tomato mozzarella with basil, Spinach salad (add protein), fiesta salad.


  • Bring Beverages!


Bring what you like to drink, and yes, bring something for the host while you’re at it. This way, you can partake in the fun and stick to your goals with a go-to drink. 

Examples: Mocktail, sparkling water (you can add lime to make it fancy), light beer or skinny margaritas, and spritzer ingredients.


  • Bring a dessert!


Bring a “lighter” yet delicious treat you can portion out, pre-log, not feel deprived and enjoy.

Examples: Mini strawberry shortcake, angel food cake and chocolate chips, fresh berries with whip cream, mini ice cream bars, fruit sorbet, and mini cookies.


  • Eat before you go!


Always, I repeat, always eat protein (15-25 grams) before you leave. Plan to arrive at your destination with a belly half full. This way you’re not hangry and make better choices.

Example: Protein shake, turkey roll-ups, tuna packet, half protein bar, hard-boiled egg and whites, grilled chicken sliced.


  • Track backwards


Start with the dining out as the first thing tracked for your day. Then play the game of macro Tetris with your remaining macros.

Enter in my fitness pal: Alcohol you plan to drink, dessert, the food you think you will have, place marker or fake meal if you don’t know what you will be served, and a protein item before you leave.

I am proof that you can enjoy your dining out experience and social gathering with confidence and be in control of your choices. These tips have helped make my life easier while staying in control. 

Final tip: Even if you track properly for your gatherings or nights out, your scale can fluctuate the next day due to higher sodium. DO NOT PANIC. Unless you eat 3,500 calories over your macros, you have not “gained” a pound.

Give yourself some grace. Tracking something is better than tracking nothing so be proud of your efforts.

Learning how to navigate your daily life while staying on track takes patience, especially when it comes to tracking macros. It is worth it, and so are you!

Are you ready to make YOURSELF the priority? Are you ready to take control and see the results you’ve been waiting for?

I’m here to help. Join my Fat Loss Blueprint Program to immerse yourself in all of the tools and support from the FML community that will lead you to establish a sustainable lifestyle utilizing macro tracking!


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