9 Travel and Macro Tracking Tips to Keep You in the Groove with your Goals!

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Don’t let travel or dining out put you in panic mode. Instead, stay in your groove with your goals, be aware of what you're eating, AND still enjoy your getaway.

You can have it all!!

If you are tracking macros and plan to track your meals while traveling, fantastic, you’re already ahead of the game! And since you are already livin that flexible nutrition lifestyle, you have even less stress because you already know you can enjoy all foods if they fit in your custom macros! #winninggg and if you aren’t tracking macros, what are you doing?! It’s the most flexible way to enjoy the foods you love, especially while out on the town or on vacation, and not feel deprived. (I totally help with this, by the way)

When it comes to staying on track while traveling, doing these two things will guarantee success! 

  1. Own your choices.
  2. Apply the tips below, go out and enjoy your travel experience. 

PS: You don’t have to travel to apply these tips. You can travel in your car for work or pleasure or running errands and still use these to stay in your groove!

Set the tone for fit + successful travel! Here are my 6 Fit Travel Tips to ditch the excuses and prioritize YOU! 


  • Go online and check menus.


Chances are you will be heading out for most of your meals. I recommend taking a peek at the menus ahead of time and checking out their menu! This helps you have a plan ahead of time! SPEAK UP! You're the paying customer, you can make a special request to fit your macros!


  • Pack food.


Stop at the grocery store upon arrival if you’re not checking bags to grab your favorites. If you are checking bags for a flight or taking a road trip, here is what I pack: 

Sandwiches, protein shakes, granola bars, protein bars, tuna packets, pretzels, and coffee. I always bring enough for the same number of days I’m traveling.


  • Pack pre-portioned items.


Travel with pre-portioned go-to food items you can track ahead of time, grab and enjoy. By pre-portioning single servings of your favorite snacks, you remain in control! Examples: pretzels, almonds, chips, crackers, veggies, and fruits.


  • Call ahead and request a fridge.


Yes, this is an option! You can call ahead and request an empty fridge in your hotel room so you can keep protein-packed snacks and easy grab-and-go items chilled.

Example: protein shakes, chicken, ground turkey, or fish.


  • Move before you sit.


I always get a workout in before I go. Yes, even early morning. My goal is 5k steps before I sit in a plane or car. You can also take advantage of sprinkling in airport steps, and don’t forget to wear sneakers or comfy shoes for travel.


  • Bring your own bottle to fill.


This guarantees you stay consistent with your water and saves you money!

Most of all, keep it simple. Control what you can control and prioritize water, steps, and protein while away.. and most of all, have FUN!

If you're ready to implement a sustainable nutrition plan and establish lifelong healthy habits, tracking macros is for you!

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