5 Simple Steps to My Easy Macro-Friendly Meal Creations

macro friendly meals recipes Feb 26, 2023

I don’t like to overcomplicate eating or life. I typically start with four meal ideas for the week, enjoying leftovers and filling in the gaps with food from our pantry or freezer as the week unfolds.

Don’t ever be ashamed about the type of food prep that works for you. If you buy frozen veggies or meals, create a random “what I had in my freezer” meal, or knock it out of the park with an amazon 5-course spread. 

You must do what fits your lifestyle for the results you wish.

And YES, you can still get great results eating Rice-A-Roni, frozen meals and processed foods 20% of the time and incorporating wholesome, one-ingredient foods the other 80% … balancing out your days and weeks.

Shopping in your own freezer and fridge for leftovers to create your meals or buying fresh to start all counts! They will all get you closer to your goals!

To remind you just how easy creating macro-friendly meals can be, here are 5 simple steps to my easy macro-friendly meal creations.


  1. First and foremost, ALWAYS plan on making 2+ of the same meals at one time. Take advantage of your time here!


  1. Pick your PROTEIN! Example: chicken, tuna, turkey.


  1. Choose your VEHICLE to enjoy. Example: bread, wrap, salad, rice.


  1. Add Fixings + Sides. Examples: salsa, dressings, oils.


  1. Log prepped food for the next 2+ days, and BOOM, you’re making yourself a priority.


Here's what I created this week from shopping in my fridge!


2 tuna sandwiches + chips

2 fish tacos + rice

2 grilled chicken salads


Does anyone else love to shop in their own fridge? So many people do not prefer leftovers. How about you?

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