Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Shannon Jay Dougherty, mom of two amazing kids and founder of Fit Mom Living. Since a young age, I've struggled with my weight, relationship with food and body image. After many ups and downs - including overcoming an eating disorder. I found a sustainable way of fueling my body and living life without fearing foods. 

I became a Certified Macro Coach and began Macro Coaching to guide others to achieving their dream body and most importantly, to become the best possible version of themselves.

My true passion is helping other women improve their self-worth and gain confidence, while teaching them how to live a sustainable lifestyle through tracking macros. I can relate to those frustrated moms, juggling work, family, kids, life, and household duties and putting themselves last. I was there too, until I simplified my strategies and found tools to establish balance and lasting results among the chaos. 

I believe the key to happiness is rooted in living a balanced, active, healthy lifestyle. You deserve to feel confident in your own skin. Thanks for stopping by! 

- Shannon


Understand how to track macros, enjoy all foods and discover how to finally accomplish your health and fitness goals. Learn how to dine out, enjoy treats and lose your muffin top for good. 


Establishing a positive mindset is key to your success. Learn to shift your negative self talk and create a positive headspace to navigate your journey. Assess your goals and let's accomplish them together.


Apply what you learn about tracking macros and start creating new sustainable habits. With group support and accountability in this program, you will be on your way to make consistent changes in your life.


A 4-week group coaching session on Facebook where you'll immerse yourself into everything macros. FML will provide tools, support and accountability in the private Facebook group to make macro tracking simple and effective while establishing a sustainable lifestyle.

This program includes:

  •   Macro cheat sheet

  •   Sample meal plans

  •   Tips to hit macros 

  •   Macro friendly recipes

  •   Snack + meal ideas

  •   Mini meal prep guide

  •   At home workouts

  •   Healthy cooking tips

  •   Eating out tips

  •   Myfitnesspal tips + tricks

  •   Consistency + mindset

  •   Tracking alcohol

  •   Weekend success tips      


Register for a spot in the 4 week Coaching Program


Following your registration you will be sent an intake form - this MUST be filled out in order to receive your Macros


Jump into the course and let the next 4 weeks transform you!



⭐️ No foods were off limits

⭐️  You had the freedom to eat all foods you love

⭐️ You had guidance and support to reach your weight loss goals

⭐️ You were no longer overwhelmed what fad diet to follow

⭐️ You gained self-worth and confidence

⭐️ You put an end to years of yo-yo dieting and frustration

You finally felt in control of your body, healthy lifestyle and success!

 "The last four weeks has been amazing. Such an eye opening experience. Feeling so much better and notice the closer I hit macros with quality food, the better I feel. Which puts me in a much better mood! Can't wait to continue on this path." - Jordan
"Wow, Wow, Wow! What an AWESOME journey it has been so far! Thank you for your guidance, knowledge, encouragement & friendship! More than the physical improvements you see I have regained my confidence, my energy and my passion for fitness after having my son." - Brooke
"Thank you so much for the past 4 weeks. Your guidance has lighted a fire in me to actually make changes and stick with the plan of following through. I'm so happy to be in a place where I want to do this and will not give up to get where I want to be." - Jessica
 "I am so HAPPY!!!! Changing my habits, being more consistent and accepting imperfection - if I miss macros, get back at it and don't feel horribly guilty has CHANGED MY LIFE! I still can't believe that I'm eating more, losing weight, inches and not starving or restricting what I eat or drink." - Michelle
"Thank you! Feel so damn good. I love looking at myself in the mirror now! Love ya and APPRECIATE you so much." - Debbie
"Thank you! Weighed 139.9 this AM (17.1 lbs down) first time in 30's in probably 10 years! I'm so proud!  Thank you for all your guidance and help! Couldn't have done it without you!" - Alexa

What you can expect ...

  • New to macros or looking to brush up on your skills? Learn how to track macros and find food freedoms you never knew existed.
  • Kiss yo-yo dieting goodbye and begin living the life you've always dreamed of without guilt.
  • Master macro tracking and develop sustainable eating habits so you'll never feel deprived another day in your life.
  • Begin to automate healthy habits and gain confidence in establishing a balanced lifestyle. This is not a meal plan, the goal is to make the food you love fit your custom macros.
  • Finally learn how to eat without guilt and automate healthy habits.
  • Receive FML's Macro Manual, Grocery Guide.
  • Learn tips and tricks on how to approach flexible dieting and get in the right macro mindset. A perfect start for a macro newbie!